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Systems Integration

Existing SI field that aims to build infrastructure if the current solution that meets the various business offers and its ease of followers, and from internal and external environment that can respond effectively to the attack aims to provide can be said.
EZ Infomation Technology Co., Ltd. SI tailored to various business environments by providing services to the IT administrator or user convenience and safety at the same time their has to offer.
system intergration
1. SI construction sector
- Network System Based Construction

(backbone network systems, wireless network system)

- Server System-based building

(Unix servers, Linux servers, Windows servers)

- Building Security System-based

(firewall, IPS, web application firewall, DDoS Defense System)

- Building solutions (CRM, KMS, ERP, SCM, Groupware)
- CCTV building sector (CCTV installation, control system installation)
2. Maintenance areas
- Network, Server, solutions, and integrated maintenance services
- PC maintenance and delivery