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1. Technology holds
1) EMoS - WSN based Smart Complex Environment Monitoring System
A system to measure and transmit the data of the indoor environment of agricultural, stock raising and fishery related industries.
The system transmits the data measured by one complex sensor node in which various sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2, ammonia and water in the soil are combined to Gateway using Zigbee communication in 2.4GHz band compatible with IEEE802.15.4..
2) EZ PLUG - WSN based standby power blocking outlet
EZ-PLUG system provides various functions such as blocking standby power of the each outlet of the building and house, monitoring power charge, real-time checking of electricity charge and power control.
It controls standby power on/off by schedule or the switch on the outlet.
RF communication in2.4GHz is used for or communication between the devices to control the standby power. Gateway stores the data measured in the standby power blocking outlet to check and control anywhere the internet is available
3) Wireless communication module
Its products are used in wireless communication module as a TinyOS, NanoQPlus wireless sensor networks applied only OS
2.4GHz, 900MHz IEEE802.15.4-based communication support
IPv6 communication support
2. Patents
Patent Registration Number Date of Registration Patent Name
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11-0015 January 24, 2011 EZ-USN Gateway V2.0 GS certification