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Year 2012 Main content
Jul 2012 Registered as Family Company of Jeju University
Apr 2012 Registered with IBM as Business Partner
Mar 2012 Member of Korea Foreign Trade Association (30706400)
Jan 2012 Capital Increase(Increased to two hundred million in one hundred and fifty million won)
Year 2011 Main content
Dec 2011 Certified as INNO-BIZ (Certification No. R5123-0750)
Aug 2011 Certified as Outstanding Employment Promoting Company (Certification No. 2011-12)
Year 2010 Main content
Jun 2010 Certified as Venture Company (Certification No. 201004000522)
Apr 2010 Certified as MAIN-BIZ (Certification No. 100402-02557)
Year 2009 Main content
Dec 2009 Growth Prospected Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (Certification No. 2009-43)
Jun 2009 Appointed to Clean Store (2009-Jeju-09)
Year 2008 Main content
Dec 2008 Verified INNO-BIZ (Certification No. R5123-0750)
Oct 2008 ISO Certified (KO363-QC)
Year 2006 Main content
Sep 2006 Growth Prospected Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (Certification No.2006-9)
Year 2005 Main content
Dec 2005 INNO-BIZ Verified (Certification No.5123-0750)
Sep 2005 ISO Certified (QMS-051112)
May 2005 Approved for Company Affiliated Research Laboratory (Certification No. 20052287)
Year 2004 Main content
Jun 2004 Selected for Venture Company (Certification No.042234133-1-5)
May 2004 Registered as Software Business Company (2004-00698)
Year 2002 Main content
Aug 2002 Member of Jeju IT Association (Director)
Jul 2002 Member of Software Copyright Association (Certified SRC Consulting Company)
Mar 2002 Member of Jeju IT Forum
Year 2001 Main content
Oct 2001 Registered as Information Technology Company (Registration No.180064)
Aug 2001 Established ez Information Technology Company, Ltd.